We develop and run code on a variety of platforms, mainly laptop and desktop computers. Our local number-cruncher is an IBM ThinkCentre equipped with an NVIDIA GPU.

For programming IDE, we recommend Visual Studio Code (vscode) which we run on both Mac OS and Ubuntu.

We run python 3 in virtualenvwrapper environments.


For data representation and storage, we rely on:

  • Module pandas for dataframes and series
  • Feather file format for saving dataframes (and importing them into R)
  • Module pickle for persistent mixed data
  • Module sqlite3 for relational databases

Statistics and visualization

For statistical analyses, we use python modules for initial processing. Subsequent, deeper analysis is either tailored in python or done in R.

  • Module prince for component anaysis

Qualitative analysis

For qualitative analyses we recommend NVivo12 (UCPH licence).

Project management

To support project management, we use MindManager (UCPH licence), Trello and

Source code

Most of our developed software is hosted in a private SubVersion system.

However, some of it is copied to a private GitHub for ease of access within the group, including:

If you want access to any of these repositories, get in touch.

And we also contribute to other projects, including:

If you are interested in our work, please do not hesistate to contact us.