Henrik Kragh Sørensen is professor of history and philosophy of the mathematical and computational sciences at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen.

He is the PI and instigator of the project, and his responsibilities in the project include research, programming, and supervision.

Fun fact: Henrik was once heckled in the streets of London by the great Rowan Atkinson.

Mikkel Willum Johansen is an associate professor in philosophy of the mathematical sciences at Department of Science Education.

He is participating in the project as a researcher and supervisor.

Fun Fact: The doctor in the small village where Mikkel grew up gave Mikkel his first Puch Maxi moped when he was 7. Instant love.

Anton Kristian Suhr is a research assistant at DSE. We was master's student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences (UCPH) writing his master thesis on explanations in mathematics under the supervision of Henrik.

His object of research is the use of language in mathematical research papers using statistical methods drawing from big data repositories such as arXiv.

Fun fact: Anton once cut the ribbon with the mayor at the opening of the McDonald's in his old hometown, Ringsted, DK.

Sophie Kjeldbjerg Mathiasen is a master's student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences (UCPH). She has a minor subject in Danish from the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (UCPH). She is currently writing her master's thesis under the supervision of Henrik Kragh Sørensen and Mikkel Willum Johansen.

She is studying the role of experiments in mathematical research which is investigated qualitatively from a large corpus of mathematical reviews.

Fun fact: Sophie was once approached by a stranger on the street in India, and that resulted in her dubbing the voice of an actress in a Bollywood movie.

Mikkel Tvorup Moseholm

received his master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and is currently a research intern at the history and philosophy of science research group at the University of Copenhagen.

His research interests focus on the philosophy of mathematical practice, philosophical logic, and their relation to digital humanities.

Fun fact: Mikkel was once invited to play a concert with a band and when they arrived at the address, they discovered to their great surprise that the concert was to be played in the middle of a barn with horses in the background.

Chris Søndergaard Gassner Nielsen

Kristoffer Rank Rasmussen is a master's student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UCPH.

He is interested in the use of diagrams in topology and category theory and has experience with analyzing knot diagrams from historic and contemporary sources.

Fun fact: Kristoffers first encounter with infinite series was on a ferry between Batumi and Odessa.

Laura Søvsø Thomasen holds an PhD in Comparative Literature and History of Science from Aarhus University. She has worked as a researcher and high school teacher and is currently employed at the Specials Collections at the Royal Danish Library.

Her research interests include the relationship between science and the arts and digital humanities.

Fun fact: Laura once came in second in the Jutland championship for 10 meter air riffle, but hasn't taken up shooting since she got married.

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